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Angola Responsibilities and Actions

1. Mobilize the population to take care of the water in a properly and beneficial way.
a. Arrange meetings with the communities to discuss about the water issues;
b. Make announcements using posters.

2. Bring potable water to the communities in need.
a. Write a letter to the leaders to build tanks and fountains;
b. Propose partnerships with NGOs and communities.

3. Create more green spaces to improve the quality of the Air.
a. Plant trees in public places such as schools, hospitals and wherever is necessary;
b. Sensitize the population not cut down trees.

4. Reduce the use of biomass energy such as coal and firewood.
a. Sensitize the population to reduce the burning and cutting of trees;
b. Implement a process for planting trees.

5. Educate the community not to do physiological needs in improper places.
a. Do advertisements in leaflets, put posters in public places and conduct lectures in communities to alert them to the risks that this practice may cause;
b. Take the message to the media such as radio and television stations.

6. Avoid use of chemical fertilizers in farmland.
a. Sensitize farmers to use fertilizers such as natural food scraps and manures, discussing and explaining the consequences of chemical products.

7. Alert excavators and mineral explorers to pay attention when covering holes, and to use supports for security.
a. We should write letters to the Media, especially radio, and to put posters and newspapers interviews on the wall announcements.
b. Write and address letters to the Ministry of Mines and Geology.

8. Ensuring the welfare of the animals in risk of extinction.
a. Contact the Municipal Administrations and the Ministry of Territorial Administration to determine which areas are suitable for the construction of parks and reserves.
b. Contact the Environment Provincial Departments to build in proper places. c. Sensitize the community to take good care of the domestic animals.

9. Reduce pollution of rivers to promote efficiency of the new dams.
a. Mobilize groups of students and community to make campaigns for cleaner rivers.
b. Request adults help to build a protection network to prevent the passage of trash to the trenches of the rivers, collecting the garbage and filling up the ditches.

10. Encourage people to use alternatives sources of cleaner energy.
a. Make good use of solar light during daytime saving electricity.
b. Request government for more solar panels.

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