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Our Responsibility and Our Actions

1- Sub-theme –AIR

We define as our Responsibilities for the sub-theme AIR:

Raising awareness through all media for the treatment of radioactive waste, recycling of disposable products and consider bio fuels (clean energy).
Decrease the amount of garbage knowing how to deal with air pollutants, primarily from waste.

Our actions are as follow:

Sensitize the authorities to improve the distribution of public transport and implementation of the National Day "No Cars".
Practice the rule of the 5 R's (Reflecting, refuse, reduce, reuse and recycle.
Calling attention of the state to create central waste treatment.
Establish partnerships towards reforestation campaigns, promotion of environmental education and tree planting.
Manufacture of decorative items using the trash produced in schools.
Sensitizing parents responsible for education in the use of cloth bags in their purchases, avoiding the use of disposables.

II – Sub-theme –WATER

Our Responsibilities for the sub-theme Water are:

Make the conscious and rational use of water.
Take advantage of rainwater and make savings of piped water.

Our actions with regard to the sub-them Water are:

Construct drainage channels of surface water, transferring them to centers for recovery and reuse them for various activities, especially agriculture.

Campaigning to raise awareness of the urgent need to conserve water.

Replacing the traditional watering by watering drop by drop.

Educate and inform producers of corn spirits and the general population about the dangers of dumping waste in streams. Urging the authorities to create a laboratory for quality control of water.

Sensitize the authorities and those eligible for the construction of water treatment plants, tanks, retention dams and levees.

III – Sub-theme Energy

Regarding the sub-theme Energy, we have defined as our responsibilities:

To promote the sensible use of energy.
Create conditions for production of electricity from renewable energy

Our actions in relation to energy are:

Creating conditions for the replacement of non-renewable energy by renewable energy.
Encourage people to use low energy bulbs.
Lectures in the educational community in order to educate students, teachers and community to save energy.
Reduce consumption of non-renewable energy
Raise awareness among companies and authorities to build wind farms and solar panels. Promote tree planting campaigns.

IV – Sub- theme Earth

Our Responsibilities for the sub-theme Earth are:

To sensitize the population in order to exploit natural resources in a rational manner.
Ensure the protection of fauna and flora species, endemic endangered species and soil conservation.
To promote the proper treatment of garbage in order to obtain an improved sanitation.

Our actions are:

Raise awareness for the preservation of endemic plants and animals.
Plant, conserve and protect the wooded areas in order to restore the vegetation of the plains and hillsides.

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