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Democratic Republic of Congo Responsibilities and Actions

  1. We denounce any action against the mismanagement of the essence of the forest (deforestation and degradation), we also commit ourselves to popularize the forest code: where? In our country, ours schools and communities. How? By organizing covers and by conferences and workshops. When? Any time.

  2. We guarantee that rivers will not more be the public trash where they pour any type of trash. We also guarantee to discourage any behavior that can obstruct the gutter and transform ours streets to a sickly place. Where? In our city (village, town). How? Explaining and forbidding any practice related to the unhealthiness. When? When some bad action happens.

  3. We will support all operation of distribution and plantation of trees and creation of the community forest. Where? In our city (village, town). How? By organizing campaigns of plantation and participate to the action. When? If an exaggerated deforestation occurs.

  4. We will ask to the authorities and to the competent service to not transform our country to a deposit of ruined aliments and products. Where? In front of the Medias. How? By the writing, cultural programs, manifestations and theater. When? When the occasion will be present.

  5. We will reduce the using of plastics objects and we will accept the biodegradable ones and support the recycling. Where? In ours environments. How? Inviting the population to abandon each day plastics objects and talk about the minus of theirs use. When? All time.

  6. We will bring to action the use of on pollutant and economics machines and discourage the factory whom emit the global climatic. Where? In our country. How? By the campaign of education and information. When? Any time.

  7. We will support and participate of all the activities of protection of our forest and water for all the humanity. We will ensure the welfare of children living in forest zone. Where? In our country. How? Assisting Scientifics conferences, asking the help of governments, nationals and internationals organizations. When? By the initiative of the administration or of one organization.

  8. We will create a school network of voluntaries children get in touch others children, young and adults about the importance of the protection of the environment. Where? In the schools. How? Inviting children, young, and adults to participate to a conference where they can express themselves about the environment problems. When? Every time we need.

  9. We will uplift to use of renewable energy focus in the sustainable development. Where? In ours houses. How? Informing the population about the use. When? Any time.

  10. We will start with sanitation campaigns in the city and rural environments. We will organize campaigns of education about the climatic changes and about the protection of ours forests and waters. Where? In our house, schools and communities. How? Elaborating projects related. When? In a shut and half time.

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