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Sao Tome and Principe Responsibilities and Actions

1 - Protecting our drinking water in communities

To fulfill this responsibility we will take the following actions:

a. Put posters on the protection and conservation of water in locations
b. Advertising on radio, in newspapers and on television about the correct form of water use
c. Awareness campaigns on the methods of transformation of water into drinking water, including filtration, placing drops of bleach per liter of water, etc.
d. To protect the springs and rivers

2 -  About these responsibilities, we will take the following actions:

a. Make the community understand the risks to health when lying down dead animals in rivers and springs or near them
b. Do not defecate in the rivers, the headwaters and the sea, or in areas near them, and do not dispose left over food in the rivers, sea, etc.
c. Urge the authorities to prevent the spillage of oils and gas oils used in EMAE (Water & Electricity Company) to the river Água Grande.

3 - Promote the rational use of drinking water

About this responsibility, we will take the following actions:

a. Educate the public to save water by closing the valves to avoid wasting so that water will not end.
b. Conduct awareness campaigns, to the communities so that the use of toxic chemicals used in agriculture will not contaminate the water.
c. Sensitize the authorities to bring water for all fountains of all locations where there is no drinking water.

4 - Prevent air pollution

a. Urge the authorities through marches and exhibition of films to select fuels used in engines so to prevent pollution of the air with smoke.

b. Urge the authorities to promote actions that contribute to the EMAE (Water & Electricity Company) on the pollution of the environment the noise of generators that have caused the noise pollution.

c. Educate people to bury some species of waste in order to avoid producing of toxic gases and odors that may contaminate the air we breathe.

5. Ensure to protect the Earth

a. Sensitize the population to not extract sand from the beaches in order to prevent coastal erosion.
b. Appeal to all Santomenses not to cut, so arbitrarily the trees in order to protect the Earth of the effect of gases.
c. Talking to farmers about the risk of using chemicals products and its effects and on soil contamination.

6 - Protect species

a. Avoid disposal of toxic products in the sea so that it will not kill the marine species
b. Advise anglers not to use fishing nets near the coast.
c. Sensitize the population to avoid the indiscriminate cutting of forests trees.

7 - Fighting to keep our planet clean and healthy

a. Raise awareness to all Santomenses about the consequences of burns
b. Bring the whole community to recycle waste through the use of some species as raw materials such as cans, plastic bags, fish scales, pieces of banana, for processing new products.
c. Urge the authorities to implement the practice of biology agriculture that do not use toxic chemicals such as fertilizers.

8 - Promote energy production

We will focus our actions:

Urge the authorities to implement policies for clean energy or renewable, for example, to produce energy without harming the nature.

Because we the children of S. Tomé and Principe are committed to help the environment and nature, we recommend the following:

  • Let us all unite to tackle air pollution
  • Let's all cut fewer trees and plant more
  • Let's all take care and protect our planet
  • Let’s act fast before it's too late

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